We offer Solar Power solutions at Zero upfront cost
LSE Solar Lease Payment Model
Longman Suntech Energy realizes that Solar Power is the right solution for India’s Energy needs and shortage problems. We thus offer Solar Power solutions no upfront cost – an innovative and pioneering concept in India. You only pay for the amount of Electricity that you consume from our systems installed at your premises. We further make it easy for you by charging much less for this electricity in comparison to your existing Grid supply. Last but not the least; we will help you in truly innovative ways to showcase your Green credentials to your customers, partners and the rest of the world.
Green Solutions for Hospitals, Hotels & Retail Malls

We at Longman Suntech Energy started off by providing green energy solutions to Hospitals. We understand the power needs and requirements of these life saving institutions like no other and our successful Hospital Solar Power projects stand testimony to that fact.

Retail Outlets consume huge power even for stuff like Lighting fixtures. We are adept at catering to their Energy needs with a Green perspective.

Hotels stand testimony to any nation and society’s growing business needs. We are proud to offer Green Solar Power solutions to these buildings coupled with our “Zero” interference installation procedures

How does a Solar Lease solution work?
We are currently offering our Solar Lease solution to Hospitals, Retail Malls and Hotels in the Metro cities of Mumbai. When you choose to avail a Solar Lease offering from Longman Suntech Energy, we start by carrying out an energy audit of your premises along with an assessment of the Roof area that you possess. Based on our assessments, we offer the best possible Solar Power solution to you. This will include a Solar Power plant installed and commissioned in your premises, wherein you pay not a single Rupee for this Power plant.
Yours as well as Our Commercial Power meters will record the power consumed from the Solar Power plant. You pay for this power consumed as recorded on a monthly or Bi-monthly basis. We will maintain the system at our expense and you enjoy clean, green Solar Powered Electricity at a cheaper price to what you currently pay for it !!!
How much you save depends on the rooftop area available for Solar photo-voltaic installation. As shown in the LSE Solar Lease model, if the area available is less than what is required power the whole of your premise requirements, you still stand to save considerable with Solar powering only a part of your net requirement. Whatever be the case, we will offer a Solar Power solution that suits you the best and maximize your savings.
What you see on the left is one of our Solar power plant installations for a hospital in Tamil Nadu. Commissioning the plant in a hospital is of course a big challenge, considering the critical nature of the life saving machineries that needed to put onto on to our green energy power package. In this case, a month after successful commissioning, we were told that not only has the hospital been able to function without any interruptions caused by the frequent power cuts, but also has the hospital saved substantially on its power bills and diesel cost for generator. The medical staff feels proud, the patients happy and the environment around smiling.

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