Electricity is subsidized in India for Residential sector but consumers suffer from rampant power outages and fluctuations

India loses 32% of the power generated due to creaky and leaky Trans mission & Distribution network

Commercial consumers in India pay the highest electricity prices and  live under the constant threat of these prices rising further

Carbon footprint of the Indian Power sector is huge & contributes majorly to world’s 3rd highest Green House Gas emissions

Utility scale Renewable power plants currently solve only one of the 4 major troubles faced – Reducing Carbon Footprint.

Moreover, depleting land banks would hinder their growth

How can you evaluate your options

There’s a lot more to it, but we take the guesswork, and the legwork, out of your solar electricity plan.

Transmission & Distribution costs are fully eliminated and Losses owing to them become irrelevant

Lower overall costs in the Eco-system will ensure cheaper power & zero outages without subsidies

Commercial consumers need not fear rising Electricity costs with locked in long term Rooftop Solar PPA contracts

Lowering Carbon footprint not a challenge as no land or other limited resources needed for Rooftop Solar