Indian Power Sector faces trouble across all 3 streams –

Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Electricity is subsidized in India for Residential sector but consumers suffer from rampant power outages and fluctuations

India loses 32% of the power generated due to creaky and leaky Trans mission & Distribution network

Carbon footprint of the Indian Power sector is huge & contributes majorly to world’s 3rd highest Green House Gas emissions

Commercial consumers in India pay the highest electricity prices and  live under the constant threat of these prices rising further

Utility scale Solar / Renewable power plants currently solve but only one of the 4 major troubles faced. i.e. Reducing Carbon Footprint.


Depleting land banks would hinder their growth not too far into the future


It’s surely not easy, but our innovative Rooftop Solar PPA solutions make that look like a cake-walk

Our Rooftop Solar power plants bypass the Transmission and Distribution network and consumers need not worry over the cost and losses incurred by the network anymore

Lower costs and losses in the eco-system will ensure cheaper power with zero outages even without subsidies for the rural and residential consumers

Our Rooftop Solar Power Purchase Agreements – PPAs lock-in the electricity prices for our consumers and save the horror from steeply rising electricity prices

Our power consumers get to be known around the town as Green champions while enjoying lower electricity prices. All these benefits without the ever running out of space for installation as we use vacant rooftop space instead of scarce land banks