Education is one of the most essential ingredients to any society’s economic and social development. We at Longman understands this important role thus delivered by the educational institutions in India and have developed some unique sector focused solutions to cater to the seasonal and daily energy demands at these institutions. Our rooftop solar power plants are so designed to feed all power generated during summer, winter or spring breaks to the Grid and be able to consume all that extra power when the sessions are on, all the while ensuring uninterrupted power when the students are in class. 

We commissioned our first rooftop solar power plant in the educational sector in the year 2016 and are currently working with many educational chains for installing solar power plants dedicated to their facilities across states. These solar solutions even include utility scale solar power plants for captive as well as open access usage at their different operational locations.

If you pay anything above ₹ 5.00 per kWh towards your electricity bills, you should definitely reach out to us by calling us or submitting an enquiry online right away.

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