What we Offer

Electricity generated by Solar power generating sources is undoubtedly the most environmentally responsible of all considering its zero-carbon footprint in the process of electricity generation as well lower carbon footprint while building the power plants. Additionally, solar power plants by virtue of having no moving parts is lot cheaper to maintain. Also, only solar has formats such as rooftop solar wherein the site of power generation is close to the point of consumption that transmission and distribution losses can be brought down from 27% in developing countries such as India to as low as 1% to 2%.

We at Longman are amazed at this simple, effective, environmentally responsible and futuristic source for power generation. We are, in turn, committed to building most efficient and connected solar power that last its entire commercial life-term in great stead. Also, we are committed to offer the very best in service to ensure that you and the society gets maximum output from the solar radiation that hits our planet every day.

Products and services offered by us include

Rooftop Solar Power Plant – Direct Sale

We encourage you fully to own a rooftop solar power plant to meet your own energy needs by generating as much energy as possible within your residential, commercial or industry premises.

Whatever your energy needs and no matter what rooftop or ground space that you may be able to spare, the Longman team shall design, install and commission a world class solar power plant to those energy needs of yours.

All you need to do is email or call us and let us know what you are looking for.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant – PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

We understand if you won’t be interested in owning a solar power plant of your own owing to limitation of funds or any other strategic reasons. You may still have the benefits of solar generated electricity within your premises with our Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) solutions.

If you match the credit offtake criteria, Longman shall enter into a PPA, i.e. Power Purchase Agreement with you and build a solar power plant at zero cost to you. The solar power plant will also be maintained at no additional cost. You will only be paying for the electricity that you consume and that too at a price lesser than what you pay to the Grid currently.

Do get in touch with us right away and let us tell the best deal that we could offer.

Operation & Maintenance – Annual Maintenance

You may already own a solar power plant that either just meets your energy needs or supplies power to the state or national grid. But preemptive and predictive and maintenance is what juices the most output from these installations. The Longman team can ensure that with our Operation and Maintenance services that meets the best in world standards with an O&M or AMC contract in place.

So, if you wonder whether you are getting the best out of your solar installation, get in touch with us right away.

Remote monitoring & Predictive Analysis

What’s really cool about rooftop and other distributed formats of solar is that you can track every electrical parameter including energy output from anywhere with an internet connection. What’s even more appealing is how Longman has developed predictive analysis capabilities to advise how much power can be generated the next day, week, month, year or even decade. This will be specifically of significance to you if you view the solar power installation that you own as an investment.

We invite you to get in touch and be amazed with our effective and intuitive remote monitoring and predictive analysis platform.

Peer to peer energy & demand transfer

Longman is building on the future of distributed solar with Longman Grid.

All those who have bought a solar power plant or happen to be a customer with PPA, AMC or O&M contract will by default be brought on to this platform. Even those who don’t fall in those categories will be allowed to join the platform for a fee.

The platform will allow peer to peer trading of power and transfer of demand among many other benefits such as fault monitoring, generation monitoring, predictive analysis. To know more, please go to our “Blockchain powered Microgrid” section.